How we approach
  1. We immerse ourselves in your world

  2. Build a clear vision and solutions

  3. Create prototypes to experience

  4. Gain insights through testing

  5. Iterate quickly based on feedback

  6. Launch for device and physical space


Training at altitude, without leaving the ground.

Includes: Royal Flying Doctor Service Aero-retrieval Training, Medical Training, Simulation, VR.

How we transformed ACMI Screenworlds visitors into the Superhero saviours of Melbourne using Virtual Reality

2021 Melbourne Skydeck

How we elevate Skydeck Melbourne patrons to even greater heights via an AR-enabled adventure across the world using Unity for Journey Beyond
● AR + Interactive Exhibit + Software Development

2020 Royal Flying Doctor Service

Training an Aeromedical-retrieval team without leaving the ground with immersive simulation for Royal Flying Doctor Service
● VR + Training & Simulation

2021 University of Queensland

Connecting Speech Therapists with Patients in remote locations via virtual avatars to improve communication for the University of Queensland

● VR + Training & Simulation

2021 TAFE Queensland

How we engage students with fun and positive career discussion by embracing multi-platform experience with TAFE Queensland for Discover Your Future.
● Multi-platform + Game Design

2019 NITV

Empowering 4 young Aboriginal Australian storytellers using Virtual Production tools with VR artist SUTU for NITV, Australia
● VR + Performance Capture + Storytelling + Virtual Event

2019 ACMI

Transforming Screenworlds visitors into the Superhero saviours of Melbourne using Virtual Reality with Swinburne University for ACMI, Melbourne
● Brand Experience + VR + Interactive Exhibit + Game Design

2018 RYOT

How we assembled a series of paintings to immerse viewers in the story of a young US veteran using Virtual Reality with SUTU for RYOT Studios, LA
● VR + Storytelling + Interactive Exhibit

2020 Mercy Connect

Exploring the efficacy of an immersive approach to strengthening empathy for people with a disability alongside Valley General for Support Services provider, Mercy Connect
● VR + Storytelling + Training & Simulation

2020 SBS

Transporting viewers behind the razor wire surrounding Manus Island to meet three detainees using Virtual Reality for the SBS
● VR + Storytelling + Interactive Exhibit

2020 Royal Brisbane Hospital

Teaching Anaesthetic Healthcare Practitioners to salvage a patient's blood with immersive simulation for the Royal Brisbane Hospital
● VR + Training & Simulation

2018 Valley General

How we help Healthcare practitioners keep their Non-Invasive Ventilation skills sharp using Virtual Reality for Valley General
● VR + Training & Simulation

2018 Museum of Brisbane

How an exhibition performed the duties of a camera operator, director, grip, cinematographer, grip, editor and colourist at 90 times per second for Museum of Brisbane
● Interactive Exhibit + Software Development